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Celebrate Diversity: Strengthen Community—Questioning Stereotypes is an introduction to the biases and stereotypes about Native people and other individuals that affect our ability to build a community of mutual respect and tolerance.  This interactive booklet was designed to be used by teachers, families, home school, and youth groups as they navigate the complex, and often confusing, issues of stereotyping.  

This project is a modest contribution to the wealth of excellent resources on the subject.  With Native people at the center of this particular exploration, we hope to introduce the danger and limitations of such distorted generalizations.  These same types of misconceptions are directed toward to a wide array of groups in America today.  It is our hope that the information and activities that follow will begin a conversation that will gain momentum beyond the limitations of the printed page. 

The idea for this project grew out of Tonto, Teepees, and Totem Poles: Native American Stereotypes in the 21st Century, a 2018 exhibit at the Iroquois Museum.  Funds for the development of this booklet were graciously provided by Jack & Louise Daniels Peace Award from the Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School.  The Peace Award was created in 2007.  Many thanks to Sue Spivack for nominating the IIM for this opportunity and to Superintendent Carl Mummenthey for supporting and encouraging its completion. 

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